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the beanie

For naturally made, everyday beanies for cancer and chemotherapy patients to make you feel beautiful, Hat House has the range for you. Selected with comfort, style and coverage in mind, our everyday beanies come in a range of materials, styles and colours.

We at Hat House know that every person has a unique style, and wants to feel their best in the style that they love. That’s why you can pick from simple cotton pleated beanies, bamboo caps and turbans, and intricately made fashion beanies, all with colour choices to suit you. No matter where you are in your journey with cancer, chemotherapy or hair loss, Hat House is dedicated to providing you with the choices you should have to feel like your best self.

Shop from our wonderful range below to find the everyday beanies that you love most. Shipping across Australia and internationally, wherever you are, Hat House can be there to make you feel like your best you.

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