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my story

On April 7th 2005, I was a 39 year old single mother happily raising my gorgeous 7 year old daughter and working full time in a professional career that I thought I'd be in for the rest of my life. On April 8th 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in an instant my life changed forever. I had a mastectomy within the week, followed by the typical routine of chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc.

It was during the early stages of my treatment that I first had the idea of Hat House.

If dealing with cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, nausea, tiredness isn't stressful enough, I was also faced with losing my hair. Hair is often a greatly underestimated part of our identity and many of us have to redefine ourselves in a very short period of time. I spent the couple of weeks before my hair fell out obsessing over hats, shopping incessantly, panicking that I wouldn't find anything that would suit me. Hats were so hard to find; the right hat even harder. I bought every hat I found that covered my head, regardless of whether I liked it or not or whether it looked good on me. Hats suddenly became my most important accessory. Without the right hat, many of my favourite outfits became unwearable at a time when wearing my favourite clothes really mattered.

This is why I'm here and that is why I created Hat House.

For me when I was going through treatment my private journey suddenly became very public.

I want my hats to help effortlessly transition you into the next steps of your personal journey. I hope they give you the courage to face the world on days when you'd rather not and most importantly, they make you feel like you.