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the fitted scarf

Show your individuality and style with Hat House’s fitted scarves designed for those going through a hair loss, cancer and chemotherapy journey. With numerous options and combinations, our fitted scarves give you the opportunity to show the world who you are, in the style that you love.

Choose from our plain fitted scarves for everyday wear, to embroidered and jewelled looks for special occasions. Increase your wardrobe choice with our cap and scarf combination options; choose from 1 to 4 scarves, in a range of beautiful designs and materials to go with any outfit and any mood. With full head coverage and breathable, natural materials, you can feel both confident and comfortable, as Hat House aim to reduce irritability on the head, and increase every woman’s confidence. No matter your style choice, our extensive range of plain and patterned scarves are made to suit you, and make you feel like yourself again.

Shop Hat House’s range of fitted scarves for those going through the brave journey of cancer or hair loss, whether it be you or a loved one. Send a scarf anywhere across the world with Hat House’s international shipping, and experience stress-free headwear shopping that you’ll love.

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